Herp Movies
Intro Page
Intro Page

Several Herp Videos (some of these videos are long and take a long time to load, so you must be patient as they load)

African BullfrogAfrican_Bullfrog.html
Animation of the Evolution of the Turtle ShellTurtle_Shell.html
Basilisk runs on waterBasilisk.html
Alligators hatchingAlligators_hatching.html
Animation of the Evolution of the Turtle Shell IITurtle_Shell_2.html
Frozen Wood FrogFrozen_Frog.html
Plethodon tongue functionPlethodon_tongue.html
Chamaeleon tongue function 1Chamaeleon_tongue_1.html
Chamaeleon tongue function 2Chamaeleon_tongue_2.html
Tadpole hatchingTadpole_hatching.html
Purple Frog from Western Ghatshttp://vimeo.com/107249585
tail luringtail_luring.html
Sea Turtle NestingSea_Turtle_Nesting.html
Dasypeltis eating eggDasypeltis.html